Handout for Service Class by Slave Angela

This evening at TES, Slave Angela is taking over the presentation for the class that Kimiko has planned to give on Service: Keeping you Head above Water. Included are the notes and links provided in the handout.

Keeping Ourselves Going in Service: What to do When it’s Hard

  • Your thoughts direct your words and actions. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  • Separate pieces of a task. When each step is separate, a mistake on one part need not carry over to other parts
  • Stay in the present moment. What has already happened cannot be changed and you have little control over the future. Where are you right now?
  • Strive to serve with a pleasant demeanor – there is no use taking your bad mood out on others, especially those that you serve
  • Breathe through it, and when needed, use positive imagery
  • Find a positive mantra that works for you
  • Make lists. There is no reason to tax your brain by making it remember everything
  • Make a pact with yourself or your Dominant that whatever problem you are having will get it’s time too
  • Ask for help when you need it – talk to friends who get it, or ask the one you serve for a few moments to collect yourself
  • Follow through with your commitments; know what you have committed and honor your word
  • Turn away from “Unless I get _____, I will withdraw my service”
  • Recall your motivations for service – what is the charge for you
  • Be grateful that you have been granted the opportunity to serve – these opportunities can end at any time
  • Find an outlet for your stress – take up a hobby, work out, create something. This will benefit you and the one you serve by recharging your batteries
  • Get information – know what tools are available to you and find resources that will streamline your service and keep you on track
  • Get the least pleasant tasks out of the way first so you can derive even more pleasure from the rest
  • Smile. Simply putting a smile on your face makes it harder to keep feeling bad


Helpful Web Resources

  • Google Notebook: www.google.com/notebook (You can take notes on anything at all and store them for easy access from any computer terminal)
  • Lifehack: www.lifehack.org (A site that compiles articles and insights on how to streamline different aspects of life and make them run smoother and more efficiently)
  • Life Optimizer: www.lifeoptimizer.org (A site run by David Latumahina with wonderful tips and tricks to lead a more productive, more fulfilling life)
  • Flylady: www.flylady.net (Practical step by step advice on cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your space)
  • Lifetips: www.lifetips.com (A collection of people offering tips on a wide range of subjects)
  • WebMD: www.webmd.com (A huge source of information for all things health related)
  • Pure Submission: pure-submission.com (Information and articles that relate to service)
  • Friendfeed service room: http://www.friendfeed.com/rooms/service (A variety of helpful links)
  • Food network: www.foodnetwork.com (Recipes, cooking help, entertaining ideas, tips and tricks for the kitchen)
  • Success Consciousness: www.successconsciousness.com (A collection of articles and books about positive thinking, motivation, the law of attraction, etc)
  • Pick the Brain: www.pickthebrain.com (A website dedicated to self improvement)
  • Your Organiser: http://www.yourorganiser.com.au/ (An online calendar, to do list, appointment scheduler, reminder system)

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