A hard update…

Sometime around 23:00 on 10.06.2009 Flagg passed away. Those of you who listen to PIP know how we felt about him and how devastating his loss is to his family and his pack. There are other places you can go to read about my feelings on this, so I will not repeat myself here.

It is natural that you have questions about how this will impact Power In Practice, so I will take a moment to give out a little information.

  • Power In Practice will continue. Before his passing we were working with Flagg on a more interactive format for this podcast so that we could become closer to our fan community. Daddy David and I will reveal the details soon.
  • Yes, we will be discussing the effects of Flagg’s passing on our power structures. One of the cores of our pack is the interlocking authority we hold. At the time of his death Flagg had a servant under collar, and how we have been proceeding is I think an important opportunity to discuss this issue.

I am sure you understand the delay in posting this notice and we ask your continued patience as we work through the aftermath.

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